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Why booking Cosima Laube?

I have a background in both: Computer Science and in Psychology, I am in the field since 2002 and on international stages since 2015.
My talks
build bridges between "tech, organizational and people matters".
My talks
inspire and they motivate.

My services include keynotes, inspirational talks, interactive workshops, PechaKucha & lightning talks - at your conference or company.

"Thank you. You taught 'leading and managing' without mentioning the term "management".
Mindful leadership - that's the next big thing!"

[feedback on one of Cosima Laube's Mindful Leadership talks, 2018]

Current focus areas

Mindful Leadership, Modern Leadership and Business Agility

Gratitude and Positive Psychology in Business

Professional / Catalytic skills (so-called "Soft Skills")
tailored for People in IT and Engineering

"I found it so brave to share your story!
I really like your style and I found your ideas so valueable!
I am thinking about it since I heard the talk,
more gratitude is so important for all aspects of life, not just business"

[ feedback on Gratitude & Positive Psychology in business, 2019]

I want to know more...

Here's some more information on my current focus areas. Keywords might help you get a first idea what topics, model and areas I usually cover. My recent speaking history contains details of past talks.

Mindful Leadership, Modern Leadership and Business Agility

some keywords:

  • decision making, willpower & self-efficacy, psychological flexibility, resiliency, psychological capital

  • healthy mindfulness, formal & informal mindfulness practises

  • change capacity, change willingness, business agility, systems thinking

Gratitude and Positive Psychology in Business

some keywords: broaden and build theory, double continuum of (mental) health, effects of gratitude on physical and mental health, self-efficacy

Professional skills / Catalytic skills (a.k.a. "soft skills") tailored for People in IT and Engineering

possible areas:

  • communication basics, feedback, dealing with conflicts, responsibility and its impact

  • easy visualization techniques for everyone

  • mindfulness, leadership, resiliency, lateral leadership, peer coaching

Recent Speaking History & Offering

The speaking history is intended to give you a more detailed impression how possible topics could look like. Also there are links to recordings, my slides or more reviews. This is to give you a deeper impression. I do continuously improve my speaking deliveries - so you always benefit of my latest experience and you get my current best possible performance. I do not offer "canned or off-the-shelf talks".


Head & Heart Ops - A User's Guide to emotions without "system crashes"

  • 2023: OOP 'software meets business' (EN)
    2022: KanDDDinsky - The art of business software (EN)
    2020: scheduled at a conference on DevOps but sadly cancelled due to corona

The "Formula" for Change Support?!

Talks & Workshops

D.A.R.E. more - F.E.A.R. less - How Journaling puts leadership in ACTion

  • Main Keywords: Leadership, Psychological Flexibility, Resiliency, Unconventional Leadership Practises (Mindfulness, Journaling, Improv)

  • 2022: OOP 'software meets business' (EN), German Testing Days (EN)
    2021: OOP 'software meets business' (EN), BOBkonf (EN), Agile Female (DE), Software Architecture Gathering (EN), DevOpsDays ZH (EN)
    The Software Architecture Gathering SAG (DE)

Multiple Selves?! Growing leaders applied.

    • Main Keywords: Leadership, leading yourself FIRST before leading others, Mindfulness (theory & practises), Modern Agile

    • Video recording (from Agile Tour London 2018)

    • 2019: OOP 'software meets business' (DE), Agile Testing Days Berlin (DE)
      2018: OOP 'software meets business' (DE) , Craft Conf (HU), Agile Austria (AT), Lean, Agile, Scrum Zurich (CH), Agile Tour London (UK), The Architecture Gathering "TAG" (DE)

The Business Case Of (Daily) Journaling

    • Main Keywords: Self Leadership, Business Agility, Mindfulness Practises

    • 2020: OOP 'software meets business' (EN)
      2019: Agile Breakfast Sankt Gallen (evening edition) (DE)

Pecha Kucha

D.A.R.E. more, F.E.A.R. less - a tale about leadership in ACTion

Courage, Curiosity, Connection

    • 2019: German Testing Days (DE), OOP 'software meets business' (DE)

Past topics

  1. Gratitude in business - more than "just" appreciation

    • Main Keywords: Gratitude, Appreciation, Resiliency, Broaden & Build, Self-Efficacy

    • 7+ engagements since 2018, see my separate 'Gratitude in Business' page for complete track record, slides, a video & graphical recordings

  2. Sketchnotes for engineers (60-120 min workshop)

    • 2020: JavaLand (DE, 03/2020)
      2019: Herbstcampus (DE), The Architecture Gathering "TAG" (DE)

  1. Into the Jungle and Back! A tale about Leadership in IT...

    • 2019: Software Architecture Meetup Nueremberg (DE), JavaLand (DE)
      2018: several Meetups, e.g. JUG Darmstadt (video)

"Cosima has a very unique stage-presence. Calm and at the same time very powerful."

[feedback after a Mindful Leadership session, 2019]

Talk on Professional Skills
(Herbstcampus, Nueremberg, DE, 2018)

Mindful Leadership Talk
(Lean, Agile & Scrum, Zurich, CH)

"I really loved this talk - it was a highlight for me during the conference.
Cosima was very brave to not only talk about her colleague's story but also her own. It was really inspiring. [...]
It's a really important topic that affects our mental health and
everyone should listen to this talk.
Thank you Cosima."

[feedback on Gratitude & Positive Psychology in business, 2019]

Gratitude in business (Cosima Laube together with Armin Schubert at OOP 2019, Munich, DE)

Into the Jungle and Back! About Leadership in IT… (JavaLand 2019, DE)

'Multiple Selves?!'
- Cosima Laube on Mindfulness and Leadership
(Agile Testing Days, 2019, DE)

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