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Hi, I am Cosima, a former lead software developer, project manager, (agile) quality coach, Scrum Master and more.

After over 13 years working in the field, most of my current clients find me through word-of-mouth or my networks.

So this page currently is intended more to share some of my learnings than to actively promote my services as an Agile Coach, Team Coach or Group Facilitator (but, of course, I can be contacted & booked). 

May my learnings and experience (e.g. with Retrospectives or Professional Facilitation in general) serve YOU,
other teams, individuals, peers, leaders, managers and curious people in general.

What informs my work

Experience in a wealth of agile methods and frameworks and certified in some of them e.g. Kanban (KMP Foundations I), LeSS (LeSS Basics), Scrum (CSP-SM equivalent), SAFe

What's the current biggest challenge in your team?

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