What ToC and NVC have in common (Ester Daniel Ytterbrink)

"Emotions are valuable data, and I wish that more people would feel comfortable with using it as such." (Ester Daniel Ytterbrink)

I agree a 100%! 💗📈 ✨  

A while ago I started having VirtualCoffee calls with people. One such lovely connection call happened recently with Ester Daniel. 

My absolute eye-opener from our conversation were links between NVC and ToC. 🤩 

I've done quite some work and growth in the area of Non-ViolentCommunication, e.g. using it as a way of self-reflection, a model for better communication and it also informs my way of offering feedback. 👁️‍🗨️💗 

TheoryOfConstraints was - so far - for me mostly about modelling #flow, uncovering #bottlenecks and working on great value streams. 🧠 📈 

Ester Daniel's blogpost taught me more on why communication and logic have more in common that I was aware of.

I highly recommend checking out their website and services! ➡️ https://www.chocolatedrivendevelopment.com/

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