What is Intervision?

Intervision is case-based peer-coaching and reflection format for the professional setting. 

Intervision could e.g. take place among agile colleagues, senior leadership peers or other folks from a reasonably shared professional field.

Supervision and Intervision

Some of you may already know the term supervision which is well-known in Germany but perhaps less so in North America; there is no clear definition but basically it is about one or more supervisors coaching and advising a team or an individual, with a clear mandate for doing so. 

Intervision is also intended for reflecting on situations (=cases) from one’s own professional setting – but it takes place as a kind of coaching between peers. So there is no supervisor (with more knowledge/experience or giving advice) and no super-vised participants; just professional people inter-vising each other.

How does Intervision work?

Prerequisites for a successful intervision session

Example intervision schedule

Closing remarks and tipps

For groups new to intervision, it is very helpful (I'd say: almost mandatory!) that there is a dedicated facilitator of this Intervision process. 

The facilitator does NOT take place in the process but cares about:

Further Resources

In October 2016 I was fortunate to be part of the Coach Reflection Day (CoRe Day) in Karlsruhe. It was a day filled with impressions, new ideas, shared experiences and great input. 

CoRe days are usually one-day community organized events with a valuable mix of OpenSpace sessions and other peer-based formats like intervision, walk&talks or a community keynote. At CoRe Day Karlsruhe back then, David Schmithüsen and Michael Mahlberg from Cologne hosted an OpenSpace session where they presented the format for intervision they use and also shared the experiences they’ve had so far. 

My take-aways from David and Michael's experiences were these:

Shortly after the CoRe Day 2016, I shared one of my most important impulses back then on my old blog in German. An English version followed just a bit later after Deborah Hartmann Preuss asked me for a translation and I felt truly proud to contribute a tiny part to the international endeavour of sharing the Intervision format.

Originally posted on my old blog on June 22, 2020.

You are looking for an Intervision facilitator for a group, a Team Coach or an individual mentor / coach for yourself? 

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