Kickstart Kanban in 15 Minutes

Kickstart Kanban in 15 minutes talk plus one e-mail

Really?? Yes! 💪 

Lately I had this very challenge of providing substantial value within a very short timeframe. 

Imagine there's a teamleader who wants to experiment with kanban with their team.

The leader and the team members all very eager to learn, to inspect and to adapt.

Yet, you only have like 15min to talk. Plus one e-mail afterwards. (*)

So. What would YOU do? 🤔 

🎯  Here are three resources that *I* pointed them to...

(*) And no, this very leader does not have resources (right now) to send people to a fully fledged Kanban training class or pay an external consultant to help or both. 

Gotta meet people where they are and walk together from there. 👣 🙌 ✨ 

Thanks for reading! 😊

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