A selection of publications of or with me; all connected to one or more of my key areas:

  • Leadership Development & Coaching

  • Effective (Remote) Collaboration & Team Coaching

  • Willpower & Self-Efficacy, Health & Stress management (incl. Journaling & Mindfulness practises)

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Keynotes & Talks

Talk on Leadership and Mindfulness at Agile Tour London 2018 (EN): 'Multiple Selves?! Growing Leaders Applied'

Keynote on 'The Formula for Change Support?!'
at Women In Agile Europe 2020 (EN) -
(recording, description & reviews)

Interview with Lisa Marie Moritz about my Software Architecture Gathering 2021 Talk 'D.A.R.E. more, F.E.A.R. less - How Journaling puts Leadership in ACTion'

Books & Articles

Research & More

My BSc. Thesis in Psychology providing 'An Overview of Current (2018) Research in Mindful Leadership' (abstract (EN) or full-text (DE))

The Change Companion - a holiday website project of mine offering free inspiration for business and life change processes

My Respect & Adapt Worksheets

Here are some worksheets to support you in your (self-) coaching processes:

Initially these worksheets were related to Change Companion content and individual 1:1 coaching, yet they grew popular beyond. If you like the worksheets, browsing the Change Companion pages could also be something for you :-). If you would like to add professional 1:1 coaching (live online), get in touch for a "chemistry coaching call".

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